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Nature’s Best Skincare

Repair & Replenish

Applying a wholly natural, Organic balm helps your skin retain moisture without any of the harsh, dangerous chemicals permitted in the U.S. personal care market.

Sensitivities Welcome

No more burning, stinging, and inflammation from products that contain fragrance, dyes, preservatives, or other artificial chemicals. Our simple, wholly natural, Organic formulas contribute to smooth, healthy skin and lips.

Effective & Renewable

Wholly natural, Organic balms shield your skin from moisture loss and the elements without the use of petroleum or other harmful, non-renewable chemicals. We craft our balms from Organic beeswax and plant extracts for healthy, radiant skin.

Organic Lip Balms

Anything but plain… authentic ingredients for a peck of mild authentic flavors.

Savor the sensual and delicious smooch of genuine Madagascar vanilla.

Transport to a sunny place with a kiss of bright citrus and exotic flowers.

Caress and heal your lips with the sensual experience they crave — rich chocolate.

Organic Skin Balms

Revitalize inflamed, tired skin with an embrace of healing botanicals.

Coddle your senses with a heavenly aroma and skin soothing properties.

Repair dry, irritated skin with a hug of genuine Moroccan rose.

More To Come

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